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It's amazing what a scent can do. I've been selling this for years now and it never fails to amaze me how one scent can drive someone out of a room while a friend can't get enough of that same scent and they both look at me for the answer, "WHY?". Because we were all created different and how wonderful that is. Each of us is unique and has unique likes and dislikes when it comes to our "sniffers." But what I love about Scentsy is the joy that these scents bring to such a stressed out world. Knowing that people can go home and relax to their favorite scent or go into their newborns nursery and the outside world disappears for a while makes it worth it. I love that!

So, if it is your first time here and you are overwhelmed by the scents, give me a call, 806.220.5955 or EMail me @ and I can quickly figure out which scents are good for you to start with and we'll go from there. Very soon, you'll be enjoying Scentsy too. My newest discovery is Layers for the washer and dryer. I was skeptical at first so I didn't say anything to my customers but WOW! The long lasting effect is amazing. We use Quiver since there are both men and women in our household and the crystals go in the drum and the layer goes right in the dryer (and can be reused several times). Your clothes stay smelling wonderful for literally weeks. Give it a try! I wash my undergarments in Lavendar. You'll see why!!

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  • Don't miss this egg-stra special deal!
  • Don't miss this egg-stra special deal!

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